A Tree Fell Across Our Driveway

When my daughters and I went shopping a few weeks ago, it was a really good day until we got home. I am not sure who was more surprised when we could not go up the full length of the driveway because a tree had fallen right in the middle of it. I pulled over into the grass and we walked up to the house, and my oldest son told us that there was a small storm that caused a lot of damage. He had already contacted a tree service in Long Island because he knew that we would need to get it removed from the driveway as soon as possible.

I was so grateful that he had taken these steps already because I would not have known who to call. He had looked online and found a reputable tree service company, and they were due there the next morning to look at the tree and see what needed to be done. I was surprised that they were able to come so quickly because I had heard there was a lot of damage to other homes in the area as well. Continue reading A Tree Fell Across Our Driveway

A New Shower for Our Moms

When my mom decided to move in with her sister in Queens, I knew that it was the best thing for both of them. They are both widowed, and my cousins, two brothers and I do not live close to either of them. They would gain companionship, save money, and it would just be safer overall. They decided to make my aunt’s home their shared home, but I knew that we were going to have to make one adjustment. I contacted a company that does shower replacement in Queens NY to see what the cost would be to convert a tub into just a shower.

Neither of them can take baths because it is just too hard for them to get back up. My aunt was using a shower chair that she would sit on, and she also had safety bars installed. That was fine, but it was just enough for my mom. Continue reading A New Shower for Our Moms

He Went from Mediocre Grades to Great Ones

When I was called in for a conference at my son’s school, I was surprised. He is a good student for the most part, so this was something that just did not happen. It was because of his grade in his physics class. It was not a horrible grade, but it was not good for him. I talked with his physics teacher about what could be happening, and she said that he could really benefit from Singapore physics tuition classwork. She had a particular tutor she had in mind, and I was very thankful for that. Continue reading He Went from Mediocre Grades to Great Ones

Save a Bundle with Natures Domain

We tried Natures Domain Salmon and Sweet Potato dog food and it’s been an absolute smash hit with our dogs. We went through a period of economic turmoil in our home lately and decided we needed to cut out some of the expenses. We love our dogs, but they needed to tighten their belts (or their leashes?) along with the rest of the family. We’d been buying them some rather expensive chow for some time and decided it would be best to look for something tasty yet cheaper. We researched our options before settling on Natures Domain.

My wife and I were both surprised when our dogs absolutely went nuts over the new food. We could barely get the stuff out of the bag with them swirling around and trying to knock the bag and dishes away from us. Continue reading Save a Bundle with Natures Domain

Cleaning His Condo While He is Grieving

When my aunt died, we all tried to convince my uncle to move in with one of us. I am pretty close to him. I knew that when he said no to me, that he would say no to everyone. We knew that he was going to have a rough time of it for a while because they were so much in love, so we made sure that one of us visited him at least once every couple of days. I also did a search online for professional cleaning services for Singapore because I knew that my uncle had probably never once cleaned their entire condo on his own.

His grief was deep, and I knew that cleaning was the last thought on his mind. Continue reading Cleaning His Condo While He is Grieving

We Think That Staying Right Where We Are is the Best Plan for Us

Just before my husband and I got engaged, he told me that the company he worked for would send him overseas at some point. He wondered if I would be okay with that if we were to be married. I was fine with it, and I’ve now learned that it has been the best thing for us to live overseas! We’re now living in the New Futura Condo building, and I’m very sure that I am not interested in going back home to our home country any time soon! Living here with him in Singapore has been an adventure that I never dreamed I would get to take part in. We are having a baby in a few months, and I’m excited that we will have a new family member to share in this new life with us soon.

Before I got married, I already knew that my then-boyfriend traveled for work a lot. He would often fly home once per month to see me. Continue reading We Think That Staying Right Where We Are is the Best Plan for Us

I See the Chiropractor Regularly Now

I knew that I had to see a Santa Maria chiropractor because of how I was sleeping. I used to be able to get by on a few hours a night if I had to, but that was back when I was in my 20s and had a lot of energy. Now that I am in my 40s, a night with just two or three hours of sleep means that my day is going to be miserable. If that happened only once or twice, it would even be okay, but I was having this happen at least once or twice a week. I was just flat out tired, and I needed help.

My doctor had suggested a sleep study test, but I had several friends who told me that a chiropractor could possibly help me too. Continue reading I See the Chiropractor Regularly Now

We Knew What Was Underneath the Red Blisters of Acne

Our daughter is absolutely beautiful. Everyone of our friends and family and even people on the street have commented on her beauty. This was before she reached her teen years. Then, at 13, she got a bad case of acne. We were worried about scarring. We knew how she looked underneath those angry red blisters on her face, neck, trunk area and arms. We went to an aesthetic medical clinic to get her treated to control the acne and prevent, or at least minimize, the potential scarring. The doctor told us that getting her there early on was helpful.

She went through various treatments to stop the acne and prevent scarring. When she was finally out of that stage of her life, her skin cleared up and looked as smooth as silk. Continue reading We Knew What Was Underneath the Red Blisters of Acne

Not Missing out on Firefighter Training Even Though I Had Hurt My Back

I was in training to be a firefighter. I was the most fit that I have ever been in my life, but I was having back pain. I missed a step running up stairs with full gear and carrying stuff. I stumbled forward but recovered. I felt like I pulled something, but I kept on going. I did not favor the injury or stop. I did not want to have to repeat the training at a later date due to a medical disqualification. I went to a Santa Barbara chiropractor that afternoon when the training class was done for the day.

The doctor examined me and could not find any signs of any major issues going on where I would need to get to a hospital to see a medical doctor. Continue reading Not Missing out on Firefighter Training Even Though I Had Hurt My Back

Waiting for Cyber Monday for a Deal

I bought a new tablet last year. I had not planned on getting one, but the Cyber Monday deal I got then was just too good to pass up. I have really enjoyed using it this last year too. That is why I was so upset when I dropped it last week and a big crack developed on the screen. It still works, but that crack is so distracting when I am playing one of my games on it. Thankfully, I will be able to look at the best Cyber Monday tablet deals for this coming shopping season very soon.

I could go out and buy one at one of the local stores around here because it seems like every major store sells something like this now. However, I saw the prices that I would have to pay if I was to pay regular price for one. Even if I got one on sale, the price would not come down that much. I knew for that, I would need to wait until Cyber Monday and just grab another deal like I did this last year. Continue reading Waiting for Cyber Monday for a Deal

This Way Helped Everyone out

I needed to get the word out fast about a liquidation sale. The location I had been leasing for several years was going to be unavailable, and it came as a shock to everyone, including myself. Finding a new location was really not a problem, but we did not want to take all of our inventory with us. It would be cheaper to offload it to customers and start fresh. I decided to go the route of Singapore door to door flyer distribution because it was going to be not only the easiest way to announce our move but also the quickest too.

I had my design team create a flyer, which did not take too long at all. Next, I contacted a company that prints flyers. Continue reading This Way Helped Everyone out

Which Diet Plan Should I Choose?

Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem? Which diet plan should I choose. That became an important question after I went through my last pregnancy and noticed the pounds didn’t melt off after I gave birth. My two other children came out and I had no problem losing the weight. The last one was more problematic. I think it happened because I’m a few years older now and we all pack on the pounds as the years go by. A more serious problem is that I had gestational diabetes with this child. That’s a condition that went away after giving birth, but it scared me.

Obviously, I need to lose some weight and keep it off. That meant going on some sort of diet, but I knew nothing about any of the popular diet plans. Continue reading Which Diet Plan Should I Choose?

The New Futura in Singapore is the Latest in New Building Designs in Singapore

If you have ever been to the island of Singapore, you have probably been amazed at how an urban area can have so many natural areas where there are trees and grass and water features. Well, when you are on an island, you plan it into the infrastructure. There are so many buildings with parks with lawns and trees built into the buildings themselves. Some are on the roof, some take up space in the building on a platform that juts out over the city below. The new Futura in Singapore is one of the latest structures to be part of a condo development project.

I have seen buildings where water surrounds them. You walk across foot bridges to get inside. I have seen massive swimming pools with man made islands you can swim out to that are covered in grass and trees. Continue reading The New Futura in Singapore is the Latest in New Building Designs in Singapore

My First Experience Driving a Volvo Hooked Me for Life

Many years ago a friend of mine worked for a Volvo dealership in a nearby town. They were participating in a car show of new models at a mall. The cars were all driven inside the mall for people to see. My friend said he needed help moving the cars from the dealership to the mall. I was a teenager and got to drive a new Volvo into a mall. It was cool. Plus, I got my first experience of the quality of Volvo vehicles. Now I am buying a Volvo XC60 2018 many years later.

When I drove that first Volvo, I was very impressed. When I got in and closed the door, it was very quiet inside. The sound insulation surpassed any vehicle I had ever been in. It gave me a feeling of being sealed inside a protective space. I took some time to learn about Volvos since then. The detail they put into rustproofing the metal with multiple layers of coatings before the primer and paint got applied was impressive. Continue reading My First Experience Driving a Volvo Hooked Me for Life

We Needed to Help Our Daughter Quickly

I am really thankful that I was able to hack Snapchat with the help of an app that I learned about. We had a feeling our daughter was headed toward trouble, and her father and I needed to find out what was going on. I had not seen the trouble coming, but once I learned of it, I had to get to the bottom of it, Our daughter kept shutting me and her father out, though. This was all a very new situation to us, and we are just incredibly grateful that we finally got it all sorted out after talking to other parents about what we should do.

Our daughter is 14 years old. We also have a son who is 20 years old, and he is in college. Continue reading We Needed to Help Our Daughter Quickly

How Electricity Deregulation Works Today

Growing up we had two grocery stores in the area. You had to drive about 10 miles to get to another one. There were no convenience stores, and the town had one bank. Everyone in the entire region got their gas and electric utilities from the same provider as well. There were not a lot of choices for some things if you wanted to price shop. Now there is. Stores will even match the prices of other stores. That is kind of how shopping for a lower electricity rate is. There are details online at a site that has the different electricity rates for Illinois.

If you go to a store and have them match a price, they are the ones who stocked the product, provided you the product and will accept a return if there is a problem. They just provided it at a lower price. Your electricity can be delivered the same way. Electricity is generated and put into a national grid to meet highly variable demands from day to day. Local power companies fix wires and transformers and stuff like that. They maintain the responsibility to provide you with the power, and they respond to problems when they occur. Continue reading How Electricity Deregulation Works Today

We Got a Luxury Apartment in Uptown Dallas for About What We Were Paying for Our Old Apartment

When we were looking for a new apartment, my wife and I decided, on a whim, to go ahead and look at some apartments for rent in Uptown Dallas. These are luxury apartments, and we thought that they had to be beyond our budget for a place to live. I mean, we walked into the apartment, and it had ceilings that were nine feet high. There was no cramped feeling at all. It was all open and bright and airy. It was like a mansion, even though it was an apartment. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, and the interior doors are eight foot high. The flooring is made out of porcelain planks.

This place even includes a washer and dryer in the apartment. I talked with the agent inquiring about the rent, fees and deposit. It was not much more than what we were paying already. Continue reading We Got a Luxury Apartment in Uptown Dallas for About What We Were Paying for Our Old Apartment

My Parents Needed to Know That I Will Always Need Them

My mom knew that I hoped to move out as soon as I turned 18. At first, I think she was hurt by it. But then she came to understand. She thought I couldn’t wait to be away from her and dad. But that wasn’t it at all. I was just focused on how fun it would be to be independent. Once she realized that, she looked forward to helping me find apartments for rent in Rio Rancho afterward. I would never want to be away from my parents because they mean too much to me.

I feel lucky that I have parents who have turned into friends as I’ve grown older. Oh, they’re still my parents. If I screw something up, both of them are there to point out the issue and help me to get on the right path again. Yet, at the same time, they aren’t over-parenting me as an adult. We enjoy hanging out together, and they do not make every little petty thing into a lecture. Continue reading My Parents Needed to Know That I Will Always Need Them

I Have More Time to Myself Now

I had been working in Santa Fe for a few months when I realized I needed to find a place closer to where I work. I was driving almost an hour each way, and that was just getting really tiresome. I would rather find a place to live that is closer and save those two hours for something a lot more fun than driving and sitting in traffic. I hadn’t looked at many different places before I knew that I wanted to fill out an application to live at the Las Palomas apartments in Santa Fe.

The best part about this apartment complex is that it is only a few miles from where I work. Instead of leaving at 6:30 in the morning to make sure I am there by 8, I can leave 15 minutes before my shift starts, and I still have time to get a cup of coffee on the way. Getting home is equally as nice since it takes me only five minutes usually. Continue reading I Have More Time to Myself Now

Luxury Living at Its Finest

Stone Oak is a pretty prestigious place to live. You have to either be wealthy already or have a really good job to live there. That is why I was excited when I was able to look at Stone Oak San Antonio apartments. I had been climbing my way up the corporate ladder for nearly a dozen years, and it had finally paid off. I was just promoted to the third highest position in the company, and that meant a very hefty increase in pay and benefits too. One of the first things I did was look for a new place to live, and I already knew the area that I wanted it to be in.

When I came across the website for the Regency apartments at Lookout Canyon, I knew that I had found it. I knew this without even looking at any of the details too. Continue reading Luxury Living at Its Finest